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SUNGAIN® is a corrosion resistant, strong, durable, and highly absorptive aluminium material. Solar energy from sunlight is converted into heat, with minimum heat emission losses. Selective coatings are applied by our unique PVD process (e-beam, sputtering, environmentally friendly). German technology is here again backed by regular and severe testings. This material is used in flat-plate, hybrid or vacuum thermal collectors. Produced by Alanod-Xxentria in their brand new Taiwan (Tainan) production lines.

SUNGAIN® absorber coil materials absorb maximum solar energy from sunlight and convert it into heat with a minimum heat emission. We produce SUNGAIN® applying selective coatings using the high-tech PVD continuous coil-to-coil vacuum coating and magnetron sputtering process on good quality aluminium coils and copper coils. The selective coatings provide heat-absorption properties that help to absorb solar radiation heat. The manufacturing process is an emission free, environment-friendly production process and is done in-house using our high-tech equipment and technology imported from Europe.

SUNGAIN® solar absorber coil materials are suitable for use as absorber sheet in Solar thermal application such as flat-plate collectors, hybrid collectors and vacuum thermal collectors to help convert solar radiation energy into heat for hot water, process heat/steam generation for space heating/cooling applications.


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