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New and revolutionary hand sanitizer for public spaces and crowded areas
We are currently promoting an anti-bacterial device made in Belgium.
It already is a huge success in Belgium, with first exports to the UK, Luxembourg and France.
We are supplying all Decathlon shops in Belgium (about 50 machines), supermarkets,
factories, gas stations, post offices and ward offices.
But besides our own marketing and campaign efforts, we also have been approached by our Prime Minister office and several public municipalities.
Our intention is to approach large retail chains, high-end shops, building owners, public institutions in Taiwan, for town and ward offices, train and subway stations, post offices, etc.
Although this whole project only started a few months ago, we have already sold hundreds of machines in Belgium.
We of course patented the technology, and have obtained the EU certification (tested and approved by world-reknowned testing organisation SGS).

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